The 212 Golf Meeting

By Sam Parker, the creator of 212° the extra degree and Lead Simply

Golf gives us so many wonderful lessons for our lives (at work, at home)... lessons on learning, practice, focus, thinking, patience, risk, trust (letting go... trusting yourself), acceptance (of the truth), resilience, and of course, humility.

It's a game of details ... a game that shows us how the small things can make a big difference and that everything counts.

The 212 message has served thousands of organizations as a meeting topic or overall event theme (what's 212?). Tying it in with a round of golf can make it even better.

So many great possibilities. Here are several ideas to work with...

Introduce the 212 message to your team.

Ridiculously simple: Kick off your meeting by giving everyone a 212 reminder pocket card to review.

Simple: Give everyone a copy of the book and ask them to read it before your meeting. Include a pocket card as a bookmark.

A little more: Do either or neither of the previous ideas and open your meeting by showing the 212 video.

Go bigger: Use our scripted PowerPoint® presentation to introduce everyone to the 212 concept.

212 it: Have Sam Parker (author of 212° the extra degree) kick off your meeting with a 212 keynote.

Discuss the ideas and how they apply to your work and / or culture.

Use the Leader's Guide included with our various meeting packages. Each were developed by Sam and the team to help you lead a meaningful discussion that helps everyone understand and embrace what it means to 'be two-twelve' in everything they do.

If you have a larger group, consider breaking into smaller groups for the discussions so more people are directly involved in sharing their thoughts. More involvement can lead to better buy-in and commitment.

Play a round of golf.

If you've not already shown the 212 video, use it as a recap to the introduction and discussion before everyone heads out to play.

Remind everyone to look for those 212 moments on the course (other people's moments and moments of their own) ... 212 performance moments and 212 attitude moments (resilience moments where bad shots are turned into birdies or bad chips are followed by a long putt to save par, focus moments where someone realized they were able to let go of a previous bad score and give their attention to the shot at hand, risk moments where a low-percentage shot was a success, patience moments when a low-percentage shot wasn't attempted and a better score was earned as a result).

Give them a set of 212 golf tees and ball markers. Hand them out or have them waiting for everyone in their golf cart. Add a 212 wristband or hat to the mix. Put a 212 banner on the first tee to set the tone and another on the 10th tee as a boost for the back 9.

(Of course, even without playing a round of golf, a 212 meeting can have an incredibly positive effect on your and your team's results.)

Stay inspired.