A Better Thought

A Better Thought

What you expect to happen … what you believe in your mind … can have a big impact on what actually does happen.

So … if you’re going to try to accomplish something … if you make the decision to make the attempt … then the best thing you can do for yourself is to expect a positive outcome. Anything else can only inhibit your efforts.

Worst-case … if you fail, you get an education for your future efforts.

Minimize your doubts, be positively expectant, and Cross The Line.

One more essential reminder below…

Commit. Focus. Deliver. Repeat. Motivate your team to push past medioctiry and commit to better results.


We earn more challenges by dealing with and overcoming more challenges.

Embrace your experience. Enjoy the weather.

weathered: (adjective) seasoned by exposure to the weather
seasoned: (adjective) made fit by experience

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