How much kinder would we be if we knew, at the end of the week, we’d be shown our 5 ugliest moments toward other people … on film?

I posed for the photo above, but it wasn’t hard to get in the moment … too much bad practice. It’s what my fellow Smovers at the office see on too many occasions. It’s my biggest Smile & Move challenge … being approachable.

What’s so sad about not being approachable is that it can get in the way of everything.

1 second and we change the mood completely … shutting down ideas, relationships, feedback, information, and enthusiasm (more on 1-second opportunities here).

Don't allow inflated egos to cripple your team's work. Learn how to Be No Ego.

As leaders (with a title or not), we know this isn’t what we want to be doing.

And if just being approachable for approachableness’s sake isn’t enough … know that missing it can kill those 212 results, margins, and profits we’re all looking for (what’s 212?).

Indulge in your good side and invite opportunity. Be approachable.