Bad Bosses

Bad Bosses

Sometimes people who’ve read one or a few of my books tell me they wish they could be “part of an organization that really does these things” (e.g., smiles & moves, loves their people, crosses the line, and pushes things that extra degree).

My first recommendation is always that they do their part by modeling the behavior they’d like to see (to lead simply regardless of title or role). Then, I’ll suggest they share the material with their manager.

“That’s the problem,” they’ll tell me. “It’s my boss. He’s so set in his ways.” (And, sometimes the language is much worse.)

If you’re caught in a mediocre (or worse) environment or have a manager who falls short of what you’d hoped for, I recommend the following (assuming you want to stay where you are)…

  1. Do everything you can to do your work so well that the thought of your departure is frightening to your boss’s boss (and even higher). Set the standard. Be a two-twelver, a Smover. (Again, this assumes you’re going to stay where you are.)
  2. Then, introduce your manager to one or a couple of my books or booklets and suggest it be shared with your team as a way to encourage everyone to be more engaged … talking about the right things, supporting the right attitudes and objectives, helping each other make more good things happen.

Learn what to do if your manager isn’t into it below.

One extra degree makes all the difference. Inspire more effort, care, and attention. Get the book.

If your manager isn’t into it, maybe pick up a few copies of the book you like and give them to colleagues. Then, just start talking about the ideas and how you can make things better on your own … no big formal thing to get in the way of making it real … now. Maybe it’ll inspire your leadership. (You’ll want to be thoughtful with this approach. If you have a boss with an ego or control problem, this approach probably won’t go well.)

The beautiful thing about this approach is that at a minimum, you’ll help other people while becoming more valuable yourself.

Life’s too short to work with a mediocre team of people. Get tired of just getting through the day and go for enjoying more of it!

Leaders … if you think you may have let yourself slip a little over the past few months/ years, pick up a copy of my book Lead Simply and get back on track. You’ll be in great company (thousands of people are using it as their leadership model).