“No one’s working today,” he said to me.

It was a Friday before a holiday that fell on a weekend.

“Some people are,” I answered.

“I mean a lot of the people I know aren’t.”

I asked him where those people worked. He said it was at a local media company.

“How’s the news being produced?” I asked.

“Well … some people are working. I was really talking about the nonessentials.”

I hadn’t heard that phrase in a while. I remember hearing it on big snow days in the Washington, D.C. area when I was growing up … an area with a large number of government employees.

“You don’t wish you were nonessential … do you?” I asked.

essential (adjective): of the utmost importance
nonessential (adjective): not essential

Here’s the thing…

We’ve all got 168 hours each week. Sleep 7.5 hours a day and we’re left with 115 waking hours.

Invest 40 – 45 of those waking hours at work and that’s 35 – 40% of your waking life.

That’s a big block of time with a choice.

It makes sense to use that time trying to be as essential (valuable, enjoyable) as possible to others. And, it makes sense to lose as few moments as possible to evading that goal.

A more enjoyable day for everyone.

It happens by getting out of the way of ourselves … smiling … and moving.

Smile & Move. Be happy. Do great work. Get the book.