Happy 2.12!

Happy 2.12!

Note: The email below made it to a two-twelver at a radio station in Washington, D.C., which led to a few lucky impromptu minutes with Elliot in The Morning. Listen here (9 minutes). It gets a little bawdy (fancy word, huh?) but a nice opportunity!

The 32 words above have had a wonderful impact on thousands of organizations and millions of people … professionally and personally. (Learn more about 212.)

Recently in Vancouver, British Columbia, I had the opportunity to speak with a group of about 350 people … sharing what it meant to ‘Be two-twelve.’

Afterwards, I talked with people individually for longer than the keynote itself.

I was reminded of our shared humanity and that while 212 is a great message for our professional lives, it also very much touches people on a personal level (me included).

Sam, I was at your presentation in BC. I was personally moved to improve myself and my family. Tonight, at our weekly Family Home Evening, I passed along some of the pearls of wisdom from your book to my 5 children ages 2 – 9. I think it went surprisingly well. Thanks for the nudge!”

– Nic C.

It reminded me of another personal note I once received around Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s something all of us should do. (Doesn’t Valentine’s Day need a modern-day upgrade?) See below.

The original 212 book. (20-minute read, tops.) Get the book.

Hi Sam, Earlier this week, my husband (18 yrs. married) and I were chatting. He turned to me and said, ‘I really hate Valentine’s Day.’ ‘Me too,’ I replied.

He went on to say that he wanted to celebrate it on Thursday.

Drawn Heart

‘Why Thursday?’ I responded. He said, ‘Because it is 2.12.’ He went on to tell me what his plans were to do a little extra just for me that day. I was floored.

My husband has overheard me talk about your books that I use with my assistant managers at work. I never thought that he was really listening to me, nor did I think that he was thinking about ways to do the little extra (just one degree) to make things go from good to great.

Thanks for 212 and all your other books … they have truly made a difference at work and now apparently at home. From this day forward know that our family … and I are boycotting Valentine’s Day and celebrating 212! Now that’s good stuff!”

– Denise K.

I feel incredibly lucky (and thankful) to have created something that’s helped so many people. But it’s feedback like the notes above that really inspire me to ‘Be two-twelve’ myself.

Thanks to all of you out there who’ve continued to fuel this 212 movement!

Happy 2.12!

One extra degree makes all the difference. Inspire more effort, care, and attention.