How to be Judged

How to be Judged


(verb: put into a restrictive category)

It’s very real. Your results, your attitude, your effort, your curiosity, your interest (lack of indifference) … all of it will put you in a category in the mind of your manager/ boss/ supervisor.

I’m assuming most of us would rather it not be a “restrictive category” … pigeonholed.

I once talked with the dean of a college about giving a copy of my books 212 the extra degree and Cross The Line as part of the welcoming package for their new students … a spark of encouragement to set the tone. Almost immediately she saw it as a good idea … “but only for the advanced or honors students.

“Why?” I asked.

“Advanced students know they need to push things and know to look for and use advice.” I took that to mean the others likely won’t value the material … not a good investment.

Pigeon Flying

Occasionally, I hear similar things from management in different organizations. “We’ll give a copy to the leadership team,” they tell me. “It’ll be great!”

“Why not everyone?” I ask. “Why not get everyone Crossing The Line and being 212? Why not get everyone Smoving?”

“Our leaders will get into it. The others … I’m not sure it’s a good investment.”

Don’t allow yourself to be pigeonholed as “not worth the investment.” Be sure you shine as someone interested in their work … someone who’s results-driven … curious … positive… solution-oriented.

Invest in yourself. Quick books and booklets (30 minutes or less to read) to help you make more good things happen. Shop books.

Remember … it’s your life. You’re responsible for it … regardless of circumstances.

Be worth the investment.

One more thought…

Know a high school or college student? Please share this thought with them at some point (or give them one of the book combo packs as a gift … even if they’re not an honors student).