Our New Name

Our New Name

Our goal with the change is to help people better understand what we do and how we can help them. We think the new name does that better than the name GiveMore.com. (Too many years with the charitable, non-profit confusion.)

We hope you like the change.

More about our multiple naming failures below, if you’re interested (a few behind-the-curtain business lessons from the last 18 years and a boom moment).

Every sip is a reminder. Get mugs.

When we started our company in February of 1998, we incorporated it as MaxPitch Media Inc. We thought the name had a sales ring to it, and since we started by publishing a site for sales managers and their people (JustSell.com… a site we still publish today), it seemed to make sense. We also thought it implied we’d be working at ‘maximum pitch.’ (So young, so clever.)

Very quickly, we realized the name was difficult for people to say and remember, so we started referring to the company as JustSell.com. That worked until we changed paths toward what we do today.

In early 2008, we changed the name to Give More Media Inc. The thinking… “We create messages and ideas that help people and organizations be more effective. It’s all about giving more … more effort, more care, and more attention… so we can enjoy more.”

In June of that year, we launched GiveMore.com as our site to share our products and ideas (212° the extra degree, Lead Simply, Smile & Move, Cross The Line, Love Your People, etc.). Fortunately, for a reason we can’t remember, a week later we purchased the InspireYourPeople.com domain.

For the next seven years, we spent a lot of time with “No, no, no … we’re not a not-for-profit cause” explanations. It prompted several “Should we change our name?” discussions, but in the end we always thought it was best to stay with the name … too much investment already made in establishing some brand equity. In hindsight, a good money after bad mistake. (Why did we continue to make things more difficult by not listening?)

Then, in October of this year, I had what I call a boom moment (see below). I woke up one morning fully aware of the fact that if we didn’t change our name, we’d likely wake up in 10 years with the same challenge of confusing people.

We’d talked about it so many times before. It wasn’t just that GiveMore.com wasn’t helpful to our customers in communicating what we do, it was that it told them we do something completely different. In other words, a name that meant nothing at all to anyone might have been better.

“So what do we do?”

We create products to help you Inspire Your People.

Who are your people? Everyone who’s important to you (you included).


What’s a boom moment? It comes from a scene in the movie Jerry Maguire (1996 … I can’t believe it’s almost 20 years old). Jerry’s in his hotel room packing after he spent the whole night writing, publishing, and distributing his mission statement to his colleagues at a corporate event. The television is playing an old Hawaii Five-0 episode. In the scene on the TV, a clock is counting down and when it hits 12:00, the main character says, “Boom.” Suddenly, Jerry becomes fully aware of how he’s put himself out there.

Another movie thought … when we moved to InspireYourPeople.com, we felt like a weight was lifted.

It reminded me of a scene from Rocky II. For most of the movie, Rocky’s wife Adrian discourages him from boxing (his true calling). After giving birth to their son, Adrian goes into a coma and things get bad. When she recovers, she sets Rocky free (watch the scene below).

212° the extra degree by Sam Parker

212° the extra degree

The original book by Sam Parker (inspiring millions).

Just one extra degree can make all the difference.

20-minute read, tops.