“I just like it when he’s around. I give him things and he just gets it done. An absolute pleasure.”

I’d asked her about her new employee. Her answer hit me.

It reminded me of something that happened about a month earlier.

We were in a meeting here at InspireYourPeople.com when I brought up the name of a former member of our team … a name that even after several years comes up occasionally in a positive light.

It sparked a conversation for us around the importance of caring for one’s work and the story we leave behind. That night, I took the story home and shared it with my kids … hoping to plant a few positive seeds. The next day, I emailed the person with a quick thank-you for her lingering positive impact on our work here … a note any of us would enjoy getting every once in a while.

Read one of my favorite essays below.

One extra degree makes all the difference. Inspire more effort, care, and attention. Get the book.

Both stories made me think of one of my favorite essays, ‘A Message to Garcia.’ It’s something I read every year or so for inspiration.

You can read it in 10 minutes by using this link.

There’s also a free printable version on the page, and for those with young kids, we created a fun children’s version you might like to share.