The Gratitude Cliché

The Gratitude Cliché

It was the Monday morning before Thanksgiving Thursday. I was struggling with how to write something of value without being cliché. (Reminders to be grateful were everywhere.)

Then, I got to the office and there was a voicemail from a customer. Timestamp: 7:19 am … Monday morning.

It was a customer thanking us for our work here … for what we make, but also for the way one of our teammates took care of him (she’s a Smover).

So I called him back to thank him for kicking off our week with his kind words, and he shared even more of his story and how they’re using our material to stay focused on ‘providing exceptional customer service.’ It was a bit of lovefest, I guess … a Love Your People fest 😉 … all before 8 am.

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And the idea hit me…

Could I personally thank someone and their organization for their work every Monday morning for a year … kicking off their week on a high note? In writing, over the phone, or in person. An authentic thank you. 52 of them. Early. A gratitude challenge.

I’m guessing it’ll get difficult after the novelty wears off … like the challenge of keeping it fresh for an ‘I love you’ message on an 8th, 12th, or 24th wedding anniversary (wink to my lady). But, even if I’m unable to make it happen consistently over the year, at least I’ll have helped a few more people than I otherwise would have, right?

And maybe, the reverse will happen. Maybe I’ll get better at it over time and make it happen even more than once a week.

And how can that be anything but a good thing?

A more enjoyable day for everyone. That’s the goal.