The (Personal) Interview

The (Personal) Interview

I ask that question of myself many times each month and, unfortunately, there are days when I wouldn’t.

Here’s a 4-question personal interview to add to your monthly calendar…

Do my actions…

  1. Create a positive buzz about me and my work?
  2. Make others want me as a part of their team?
  3. Make my employer (manager, customers) cringe at the thought of losing me?
  4. Make my colleagues (customers, clients, patients) excited about referring me to others?
The ultimate mission statement. Posters / Prints / Banners

You want your actions to scream value without the need for you to
say a word.

If your answers to any of those questions above are anything but an enthusiastic yes, give yourself a little attention and create an action plan to make things better. And then, Cross The Line and work your plan … with the intent to succeed.

Stay inspiring.