The Ultimate Mission Statement

The Ultimate Mission Statement

Imagine how much more all of us could enjoy if we each made that our daily mission (our daily reason for being … more often than not) … if all of us approached everything we did as an opportunity to shine.

“That would be wonderful! But how?”

It starts by embracing the ultimate mission statement (those words above) and supporting ourselves with solid and ongoing reinforcement. We surround ourselves with good thoughts, good people, and good ideas … and more good things will happen.

It sticks by being patient with ourselves (and each other) and being resilient when we miss the mark … getting back to what needs to be done … regardless of circumstances.

It becomes something special when we ask ourselves, “What’s next?” When we make that good thing happen … we acknowledge it … we celebrate it … and then we ask ourselves, “How can we make things even better?”

That’s it. That’s how all of us can enjoy more. No need to complicate things.

Keep the ultimate mission statement in front of everyone with our mugs, posters, mouse pads, and banners.

4 quick points to becoming more valuable below…

The ultimate mission statement. Posters / Prints / Banners
  1. Focus on making good things happen for other people.
  2. Surround ourselves with good thoughts, good people, and good ideas as much as possible.
  3. Be patient and resilient.
  4. Ask ourselves, “What’s next?”

Leadership thought: Never let a lack of awareness be the reason your team falls short of making good things happen.