When Things Get Real

When Things Get Real

What will you do to keep yourself caring about your work and the people around you throughout 2017?

What will you do to stay engaged when the challenges, difficulties, and day-to-day mundane tasks start to sap your enthusiasm (and energy)?

How will you push through the cynicism, lack of enthusiasm, and why-we-can’t approach of other people?

If you’re a leader, what will you do to help your team with this every day? (Every day is the key.)

My approach … what’s been helpful to me (and many others)…

  1. I do my best to surround myself with good thoughts, good people, and good ideas.

    This is huge. I need to be inspired every day (and I’m in the business). I constantly read, talk about, listen to, and watch things that remind me of my obligation to this world and the people in it … stories that remind me to be resourceful and resilient … people that encourage me to care more about making good things happen. I dismiss negative people and minimize my contact with them. I maximize my time with people who Cross The Line and Love Their People … with Smovers.

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  2. I focus on being as valuable to others as I can212ing things as much as possible.
  3. I embrace the fact that every moment can’t be a thrill.
  4. I enjoy knowing that by overcoming the difficulties and challenges I face, I get stronger and more valuable (and I’m paid for it rather than pay for it).
  5. I remind myself that while it’s difficult to stay consistent, doing these things more often than not is completely possible.