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Inspire your leaders to focus on what's most important (and often missed) in creating a special team of people.

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What is Lead Simply?

Model. Connect. Involve. Model the behavior you want to see. Connect with the people you lead. Involve them as much as possible.

That's your framework for leadership – your simple, day-to-day, in-the-trenches formula for creating that special team of people that does important and meaningful work ... that cares to make things better ... continually ... every day.

Written by Sam Parker (bestselling author of 212° the extra degree® and Smile & Move®), Lead Simply is a no-fluff, no-parable, no-matrix call to fully embrace (and do) those simple things that can have the biggest impact on making things better.

Use it as a tool to inspire your school's leadership team and faculty.

Life is short. We're not here to fill or kill time. Lead Simply is your wake up call. Let's go to work.

Scroll down to learn more about the book, inspiring video, and different meeting packages (great tools to help principals, superintendents, and school leaders introduce and discuss the message with their faculty, staff, and/ or student leaders).

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Lead Simply

by Sam Parker

  • Paperback
  • 4 x 6 inches (easily fits in a pocket)
  • 30-minute read
  • 61 pages

$10.95 each
(2 or more for $9.95, 10 or more for $8.95)

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What's in the Lead Simply book?

End the epidemic of mediocrity, indifference, and good enough. Lead Simply can help you create that special team of people who trust each other and are highly accountable to the objectives of the team and your school or school system.

This small and quick 30-minute read delivers...

  • Your framework for leadership: Model. Connect. Involve.
  • The foundation behind the philosophy
  • Specific and creative ideas on how to model, connect, and involve
  • Inspiring and thoughtful quotations
  • Additional important ideas, facts, and resources to wake up your thinking
  • The perfect handout to help your school's leaders embrace (and do) those simple things that can have the biggest impact on making things better

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The Lead Simply Video

Written, directed, and narrated by Sam Parker.

  • 3 Minute DVD
  • 16:9 aspect ratio


  • A Leader's Guide to help you introduce the video
  • A copy of the Lead Simply book

$295.00 each

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About the Lead Simply video

Wonderful for opening or closing your meeting or event, the Lead Simply video can stand on its own as an inspiring introduction to a meaningful discussion or add value to any other theme or topics you might be addressing.

Written, directed, and narrated by Sam Parker (author of Lead Simply) this video is a thoughtful, high-resolution production that runs about 3 minutes. It includes a Leader's Guide written by Sam on how to introduce the video to a group. If you deepen the experience with the Lead Simply Video Discussion Package, you'll get an expanded and detailed Leader's Guide that can help you introduce and discuss the material in a much bigger way (compare all meeting package options).

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Lead Simply™

Ways to use Lead Simply™

Lead Simply™ is a fresh and easily embraceable message that's helped thousands of schools and organizations focus on what's most important (and often missed) in creating a special team of people that's accountable to each other and does great work. And it sticks.

It's simple enough to kick-off or support an upcoming school year, semester, or event and deep enough to stand on its own as a theme or leadership team building message. You might even find it helpful as an on-boarding tool or as a first-read for new faculty and staff to set leadership expectations ("We believe it all begins by Leading Simply. Here's what we mean...").

Introduce. Discuss. Remind. Encourage.

This is how you help everyone be more engaged, motivated, and responsible to their work and the people around them (their colleagues, their students). Sharing the Lead Simply message can help by giving you a new way to illustrate what's important (modeling behaviors, connecting with people, involving them wherever you can).

You might start by handing out the book (a quick 30-minute read which means people will really read it) and then discussing it as a group. Then keep the message alive by handing out and/ or posting the fun reinforcement items (banners, posters, reminder cards, pens, etc.). If you'd like to go deeper with it, maybe one of our meeting packages would be the best fit for you. These include the inspiring video and/ or a PowerPoint® formatted presentation with a Leader's Guide (written by Sam, the author of Lead Simply) to help you deliver and discuss the material.

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