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Explore our 5 inspiring messages & themes

212° the extra degree

Inspire extra effort & care

This is the original bestselling 212 (two-twelve) book and message by Sam Parker (co-founder of InspireYourPeople.com) that's inspiring millions of people around the world to dig deeper and make better things happen for themselves and the people around them.

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Lead Simply

Create better leaders

Model. Connect. Involve. Model the behavior you want to see. Connect with the people you lead. Involve them as much as possible. That's your framework for leadership – your simple, day-to-day, in-the-trenches formula for creating that special team of people.

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Cross The Line

Inspire commitment & resilience

With everything, there's a line. On one side of the line is a greater chance to make good things happen (better results, better relationships, more opportunities). On the other side of the line, there's less of a chance. This message is about making the choice to Commit, Work Hard, Focus, and Bounce Back.

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Smile & Move

Encourage positive service

Used by thousands of people and organizations, it's a motivating way to remind ourselves and the people around us to be more positive and service-oriented with those we serve (customers, colleagues, patients, students). Imagine more Smovers in the world (people who Smile & Move).

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Love Your People

Cultivate trust & accountability

It's the people around us who deserve our care and attention (those we've allowed in our lives and those that have allowed us in theirs). Love Your People is an inspiring reminder to care more for those we lead and those we serve. No kittens or rainbows, just truth.

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Download the PDF for ideas to help you create a meaningful orientation experience. Includes information about how we can help, our themes and messages, and popular products for colleges.

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Welcome and inspire with a keynote

Orientation is an opportunity ... an opportunity to connect, to learn, to encourage, and to inspire.

Set an inspiring tone with your incoming freshmen class, orientation team or new students by kicking off or closing your event with a keynote from Sam Parker, the author of these messages.

Remember ... the experience is what creates the bigger, longer-lasting impact.

Sam, thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. It exceeded all of my expectations. Participants raved about you, your style, and the content. Thank you for being an ambassador of positivity and goodness.

Dr. Mark Warner, Senior Vice President,
Student Affairs and University Planning,
James Madison University

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