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What is SalesTough?

No fluff. No clichés. No jargon. Just the 8 fundamentals to being more valuable to your prospects, customers, and company. Created by the co-founders of (the web's resource for sales leaders) and the bestselling author of 212° the extra degree® and Lead Simply™, SalesTough is the ultimate guide to being tough in sales.

To be SalesTough is to be: 1. Characterized by uncompromising determination 2. Resilient & results-oriented 3. Relentlessly prepared, objective & service-minded.

The 8 fundamentals are: 1. Nothing interrupts the money hours 2. Start early & go long 3. Calls first, paperwork (data-entry) last 4. Open strong 5. Know everyone (network more) 6. Close comfortably & confidently 7. Solve problems (don't share them) 8. Evaluate your personal sales value.

Use it as a tool to inspire your sales team or make it something personal and enjoy the book on your own (a 30-minute read at most).

It's time to ... Step up. Work hard. Be valuable. That's SalesTough.

Scroll down to learn about the inspiring book and different meeting packages (great tools to help sales leaders introduce and discuss the message with their people).

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by Sam Parker & Jim Gould

  • Paperback
  • 4 x 6 inches (easily fits in a pocket)
  • 30-minute read
  • 130 pages

$10.95 each
(2 or more for $9.95, 10 or more for $8.95)

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What's in the SalesTough book?

It's all about sales – a quick and approachable message that everyone will easily read and embrace. No fluff, no clichés, no jargon.

This small and quick 30-minute read delivers...

  • The 8 fundamentals to being SalesTough
  • A guide to developing better opening statements
  • A closing checklist and guide to better networking
  • The top 30 open-ended questions for those in sales
  • The classic 1500-word essay on initiative and responsibility, A Message to Garcia
  • The perfect handout to help everyone embrace (and do) those simple things that can have the biggest impact on getting and keeping your customers

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Ways to use SalesTough™

SalesTough™ is a fresh and easily embraceable message that's helped thousands of salespeople and organizations inspire and encourage people to stay focused on the 8 fundamentals that bring in and keep customers. No fluff. No clichés. No jargon.

It's simple enough to use alongside anything you may already have in place and deep enough to stand on its own as a theme for a sales meeting or event. It can be used as a basic primer for new salespeople or a solid reminder to the more experienced people. You might even find the book helpful as an on-boarding tool for new hires (to set high expectations).

Introduce. Discuss. Remind. Encourage.

This is how you help salespeople be more engaged, motivated, and responsible to their sales efforts and the people around them (their customers, their colleagues). Sharing the SalesTough message can help by giving you a new way to illustrate what's important to driving sales results (extra effort, care, and consistent attention).

You might start by handing out the book (a quick 30-minute read which means people will really read it) and then discussing it as a group. Then keep the message alive by handing out and/ or posting the fun reinforcement items (banners, posters, reminder cards, mugs, wristbands, etc.). You can even use the items to recognize the SalesTough among you. If you'd like to go deeper with it, maybe one of our meeting packages would be the best fit for you. These include a PowerPoint® formatted presentation with a Leader's Guide (written by Sam Parker & Jim Gould, the authors of SalesTough) to help you deliver and discuss the material.

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