Smile & Move packages

Meetings and discussions are an opportunity. They're how we connect, how we learn, how we encourage, and how we inspire.

Popular Smile & Move packages

Encourage your people to be more positive and service-oriented in their efforts with customers and colleagues. There are 5 ways to smile (attitude-based: wake up, be thankful, be approachable, complain less, smile more) and 4 ways to move (action-based: start early and go long, go beyond expectations, have a sense of urgency, be resourceful and resilient).

  • What's Included
  • Smile & Move Leader's Guide Tooltip
  • Smile & Move Video Tooltip
  • Smile & Move PowerPoint® Presentation Tooltip
  • Smile & Move Encouragement Pack Tooltip
  • Smile & Move Books
  • Smile & Move Pocket Cards
  • Be Resilient Pocket Cards
  • Smile & Move 5" x 7" Prints
  • Smile & Move Gel Pens
  • Smile & Move Notepads
  • Smile & Move Wristbands Tooltip
  • Posters (4 Styles) Tooltip
  • Smile & Move 3' x 6' Banner

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