1-Second Opportunities

1-Second Opportunities

Real love is difficult.

It shouldn't be. But I think most of us agree, that it's challenging to Love Your People on a consistent basis. And when I say “your people,” I mean those people who are important to you. Not just your family and friends but also the people you work with and for (colleagues, customers, clients, partners, patients, students).

Love belongs in the workplace. Real love.

Love is getting out of the way of ourselves and giving our attention to making good things happen for other people. It's giving others the support and the breaks we wish they'd give us ... golden rule stuff.

It's simple and it's the solution to everything. But it's fragile. One little slip (a look, a statement) or one little missed opportunity (to encourage, to thank, to apologize, to forgive) and we get in the way of everything.

Each day, all of us have several of these 1-second opportunities ... 1-second opportunities that can change everything ... one way or the other (very two-twelvish).

For me, it's keeping that “give others the support and the breaks I wish they'd give me” thought top-of-mind that helps most. It's simple and it holds me accountable ... regardless of the situation.

Remember, this whole thing is a joint effort (work, life) ... a joint effort between people. And you're an important part of it.

Leaders (with a title or not)...

Model. Connect. Involve.

Model the behavior you want to see. Connect with the people you lead (and serve). Involve them as much as possible. (It's called Leading Simply.)

Model Connect. Involve.

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