212 day

How many times do we find ourselves wishing we'd given someone or something a little extra effort and attention earlier rather than later?

The beautiful thing...

Today (right now, this moment) can be the day you choose
to minimize the chances of that ever happening again. Or, you can
start a couple days from now and wish you'd started today ;-)

February 12th comes around every year ... 2.12 day ... the perfect day to give a little more attention, effort, and care to everything you do and everyone around you. (What's 212?)

You might even consider using the day to surprise your significant other (or anyone you care about) ... a less crowded and cliché opportunity to share your appreciation for your very important person.

A note someone sent me a few years ago...

“Hi Sam, Earlier this week, my husband (18 yrs. married) and I were chatting. He turned to me and said, 'I really hate Valentine's Day.' 'Me too,' I replied.

He went on to say that he wanted to celebrate it on Thursday.

'Why Thursday?' I responded.

He said, 'Because it is 2.12.' He went on to tell me what his plans were to do a little extra just for me that day. I was floored.

My husband has overheard me talk about your books that I use with my assistant managers

at work. I never thought that he was really listening to me, nor did I think that he was thinking about ways to do the little extra (just one degree) to make things go from good to great.

Thanks for 212 and all your other books ... they have truly made a difference at work and now apparently at home. From this day forward know that our family ... and I are boycotting Valentine's Day and celebrating 212! Now that's good stuff!”

- Denise K.

Thanks to all of you who are living and working at 212°! You make the day more enjoyable for everyone.

Godfather fans...

On 2.12, a two-twelver is like a Sicilian on his daughter's wedding day. No 212er can refuse any request on the day of 2.12. (Gonna be a busy day.) #itsa212thing

A past 2.12 day at the Parker house...

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