212 Golf

212 Golf

Golf’s final major tournament for the year started this morning… 
The PGA Championship.

The number above is the average daily margin of victory over the last 25 years between the winner and second place. It’s that tight.

The winners took home 75% more in prize money than the second place finishers (an average of about $1.1 million to $625k).

Of those 25 PGA Championships, 7 went to a playoff. 28% of the tournaments over that quarter century needed extra holes to find a winner because the leaders were still tied after 4 days of play.

Fortunately, most of us don’t have incomes tied so closely to so many consecutive this-moment-really-counts moments. But we do have many 212 moments of opportunity each day that can have a big impact on our lives and careers … and in lives of the careers of the people around us.

These are the moments when we Cross The Line and choose to focus on our work with deeper commitment … or not. They’re the moments when we choose to give sincere care and attention to the people we work with and for … or not.

These are the moments that can add up to a better shot at all those good things we really want … or not.

Golf gives us so many wonderful lessons for our lives (at work, at home) … lessons on learning, practice, focus, thinking, resilience, and of course, humility. Here’s a bunch of thoughts on how to have a 212 meeting around a round of golf.

If you’re a golfer, we have the only 212 golf tees and ball markers on the planet. We can’t say they’ll lower your handicap … but we’re not saying they won’t.

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