A Bad Sign

A Bad Sign

I was out for a lunch time run and passed 
three guys putting in a ‘Road Closed’ sign.

About 20 yards past, I turned 
around and went back and asked…

A bad sign

“Does the person who asked you to put this
sign here know it’s behind a tree?”

“Yep. We called and told her and she said the foliage would be gone soon so don't worry about it.”

A bad sign

“But it’ll still be difficult to see … plus there’s
a telephone pole in front of the tree,’’ I said.

“We told her. She wants it here."

Good thing the leaves will be down soon…
and there’s not a cliff at the end of the road.

A bad sign

I love that the sign guys let headquarters know about the poor location.

The Gomo* back at the office? She needs a little pep talk.

Any signs you might need to move?

* A Gomo is a person who goes through the motions with their work. The less fun, more corporate-speak classification … the disengaged. The Gallup poll people say just over half of us fall into this category. The rest of us are split between the engaged (the people who Smile & Move … the Smovers) and the actively disengaged (the d-grunts or disgruntleds).

How do we make it better?

Leaders … Model. Connect. Involve. Model the behavior we want to see. Connect with people we lead. Involve them as much as possible.

Leaders to be … Smile & Move

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