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Our messages help leaders better communicate important ideas to other people … in a more interesting way that leads to positive actions that stick and sustain.

sustain: (verb) strengthen or support physically or mentally

For many of our customers, our videos, books, and do-it-yourself PowerPoint® presentations are the most effective tools for introducing and discussing our messages (212, Lead Simply, Smile & Move, etc.). But, to keep things fresh, it can be helpful to take a different approach sometimes.

Here’s an example of how I’d introduce one of our ideas to a group of people … not in my usual role as a keynoter, but as one of the team. 

Here, I’m using our Rise & Reach message with our coffee mugs and pocket cards but you could also use the water bottles or something else. Below is for a remote meeting but you could change up the words a bit for an in-person socially-distanced meeting. When the world is able to get together at big events again someday, you might even have one of our banners on the stage before you walk out. Or, you could have one in your office somewhere appropriate.

A coffee mug and a pocket card was sent to everyone. We're on the call...

Good morning.

Those coffee mugs and little cards I sent to you … the message on them… I believe it’s everything for us … now and moving forward.

Rest with that a second. [PAUSE]

Rise & Reach.

It’s about moving forward no matter what.

It’s about not being stuck … stuck … when we make our mistakes or fail … stuck … when we succeed.

We move forward in either case.

We rise. We reach. [BIG PAUSE]

When things don’t go the way we’d like, we remember to learn what we can from the result and we rise by asking ourselves “Now what?” What can we do with what we know now? With what we’ve learned?

When things go as planned … or better yet … when things go better than expected [SMILE BECAUSE IT’S A HAPPY THING] … we remember to keep reaching by asking ourselves “What’s next?”

We acknowledge and celebrate our wins … but then we remember how we got there … by pushing things … by reaching.

Rise … and Reach.

Options at this point, giving consideration to what you’d like to have happen, the time available, and size of the audience…

  • Move on to the next issue on the agenda with a “With that said, let’s talk about…”
  • Share an example or two where your team has Risen and Reached in the past and maybe follow up with the challenges you have in the coming months/quarters.
  • Have a conversation with the group and asking a few questions. “Who can give us an example of when we’ve done a good a job in the past with bouncing back after things didn’t go well? What did we do? What could we have done better? Who can give us an example of when we’ve kept pushing even after we’ve had success hitting a goal? What did we do?” Then, you could encourage everyone to hold in their minds the Rise & Reach questions of Now what? What’s next? as a framework for future efforts.

Then, embracing the need for solid and ongoing reinforcement, you could revisit the message in future meetings or individual discussions when talking through the need to push through challenges or complacency. At that point, if you hadn't already, you might give them a Rise & Reach pocket card as a tangible reminder.


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