A Smovish Story

A Smovish Story

My daughter and niece opened their lemonade stand at the front of our neighborhood. True story.

That weekend, lemonade stands were everywhere raising money for cancer research. It was a community service effort ... part of a city-wide program.

Sitting at a distance, watching the girls work as cars pulled over to patronize their stand, I noticed what seemed to be a less than positive and energetic approach to serving their customers. It reminded me of the adults I’ve experienced in too many places ... apathetic ... indifferent ... entitled.

In a lull between visitors I asked, “Why are you doing this lemonade stand, girls?”

“To get our community service hours for school,” they said. Not exactly the noblest of motives, but they were young.

“Any other reasons?”

“To raise money for cancer.”

“Right," I said. “Can you think of anything else?”

Silence. Pre-teen eye roll.


“Dad, please stop.”

This was a core value issue ... one worth the effort and challenge.

“These people are stopping to be served lemonade because they might be thirsty, but also so they can help you help people with cancer. They’re your customers and they have places to go, but they’re giving you their support, their time, and their money.

You need to approach them happily ... with a smile. And then you need to move quickly to get them their drink so they can enjoy it and move on.

You’re not doing them a favor. They’re doing you a favor. They don’t have to buy the lemonade and they don’t have to buy it from you.

You know what you need to do, girls? You need to smile ... and you need to move. SMILE AND MOVE.”

See the 9 ways to Smile & Move below.

Smile & Move. Be happy. Do great work. Get the book.

The story above had me thinking...

What does it mean to smile? What does it mean to move?

To Smile is to Wake Up, Be Thankful, Be Approachable, Complain Less, and Smile More.

To Move is to Start Early and Go Long, Exceed Expectations, Have a Sense of Urgency, and Be Resourceful and Resilient.

Watch the inspiring 3-minute Smile & Move video and learn more about the book and movement.

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