an aspirational compliment

“He expressed a level of interest I don't
get from my own friends or family.”

Two guys walked into a bar in New York City back in 2013. It was around 10 pm.

That was the night Steve Hurlbert and his friend Jeff got to enjoy what sounds like a wonderful conversation with Anthony Bourdain.

In describing the experience for CNN, Hurlbert shared the thought above. I immediately thought, "I hope I do that for people." Having written Smile & Move, I'd better.

It's the 1st of 5 ways we Smile...

"We smile by being awake ... attentive ... engaged ... interested. This is awake ... caring about those we connect with and serve ... having a concern for what they need and want ... listening (and watching) not only for what's said, but also for what's meant." (Read more samples and enjoy these popular ideas on how to use the book in the hiring process.)

Another aspirational compliment by Hurlbert ... "I came to look at our meeting as a gift."

Enjoy the whole story in under 5 minutes.

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