back to the breath

back to the breath

“The lack of focus is why we have a lack of greatness.”

Jerry Seinfeld | 1954 – | American entertainer

There's something you can and should be focusing on right now ... especially if you have your health and work.

What can I do (we do) to make things better?

That's one of the questions that helps me (and a lot of other people) get back to the breath when I get distracted.

Back to the breath? When meditating, one's breath is often used as the focus point of attention ... the present moment. As one becomes aware of being lost in what might be 5 or 10 rambling thoughts away from the present ... a mental nudge to get back to the breath is the practice.

We use it here at as an internal reminder when we find ourselves distracted. ("Let's get back to the breath.") I also find it helpful at home with my family. It's especially fitting to me because breathing is life.

It's a simple choice to do what you can to make things better now and minimize spending too much time in the past or future.

Be Happy. Do Something. Shop Smile & Move.


The thought above is from Jerry Seinfeld's Netflix series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (New 2019: Freshly Brewed, Eddie Murphy episode). So many good episodes (for outside the money hours)!

The image at the top? 

Remember Ferris Bueller's trip to the museum in Chicago ... Cameron zooming in on the dots of a painting? It's where my mind went for this piece on focus. (That's to show you I have focus problems too.) 

The image above is of one of the 'studies' (drafts) of the paintings. It's in Paris and has no dots. The work that went into the final painting (with the dots) is a great example of years of focus. It was done by Georges Seurat. It's called 'A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.'

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