“So that's how you do it ... Elbow grease.
Time. Thought. Persistence.”

In the documentary ‘History of the Eagles' (only rentable at the moment), the late band member Glenn Frey shared that thought. It’s his conclusion to a story about one of his lessons on songwriting from Jackson Browne.

“I knew I wanted to write songs, but I didn't know exactly [how]. You just wait around for inspiration ... what was the deal?”

Frey lived in an apartment above Browne.

“Well ... I learned through Jackson's ceiling and my floor exactly how to write songs.”

According to Frey, Browne would start in the morning by playing a verse and chorus 20 times and then Frey wouldn’t hear anything for 10 – 20 minutes. Then, he’d hear him play a second verse 20 times followed by another 20 runs through the first verse and chorus followed by the second verse.

“And I'm up there going ... So that's how you do it. Elbow grease. You know ... time. Thought. Persistence.”

Sitting through the new slow-moving Beatles documentary (streams on Disney+), I kept thinking of Frey’s observation.

For hours, we get to be a fly on the wall with John, Paul, George, and Ringo as they create the album ‘Let It Be’ and get ready for a rooftop concert (their final live event).

It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the work that goes into making musical magic ... 8 hours divided between 3 episodes. They’re gifted but they also work the gift.

There’s so much to be inspired by (the work, patience, kindness, process, music) but I found it tedious at times. Oddly, I think that might be the point (212ers Crossing The Line).

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My favorite few minutes are in the first episode beginning at 1:03:00. Paul pulls the song ‘Get Back’ from the universe. George & Ringo watch patiently and then join in.

If you’re interested, Peter Jackson (director & producer) discusses the 4-year project with Variety. It’s 13 minutes. More good stuff on the work.

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