beautiful time

beautiful time

Family Thanksgiving was in New York City this year (Brooklyn).

My wife and I stayed in a hotel near the New York Public Library (Manhattan - where you'll see 212 in every phone number).

Checking in, we pulled the car to the curb next to a valet cone, grabbed our bags, and went inside. A few easy minutes later, we put the bags in our room and went back down to the car.

A $96 parking ticket!

I went inside to let someone at the front desk know. She followed me outside where I learned there were two cones and I wasn’t between them.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “This isn’t the first time this has happened. We’ll take care of the ticket.” Not a hint of a problem.

I said thank you, got in the car, and drove over to Brooklyn where I parked the car for the next few days. A wonderful 4 days of family, food, and being tourists.

Earlier this week, I got an email from the Operations Manager at the hotel (Andaz 5th Avenue – a Hyatt property, wonderful place)...

“Dear Sam, Please find attached proof of payment for the parking ticket that you received while staying with us. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Have a good evening.”

I loved it.

Handled. Confirmed. To the point. No need to circle back.

No need to circle back. Mmmmm.

No need to circle back. Beautifully Smovish (have a sense of urgency for the day of those you serve, Principle #8)

I don’t remember the age when this became such a beautiful thing for me. But, the older I get, the more beautiful it is.

(More thoughts below and about the picture.)

Get Smile & Move


  • I loved that the front desk person immediately put me at ease. (For you and your team: Where/How can we quickly put our customers at ease in commonly difficult situations?)
  • I wondered why the hotel hadn’t yet figured out a way to eliminate the chance of something like this happening if it’s happened before. Maybe it hadn't happened enough yet and she was being kind to my mistake. (For you and your team: What are the commonly difficult situations we experience and how can we minimize or eliminate them from happening?)
  • I wished there were more people in the world who gave others their life back by proactively communicating. (For you and your team: How can we be sure we’re minimizing the need for customers to circle back with us on things?)

The picture...

The Parkers sitting on the floor at ARTECHOUSE NYC for the exhibit, 'Machine Hallucination.' Runs through 01.17.22 if you're interested. It's an immersive experience. Good time.

Some video clips inside...

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