blood fast

blood fast

Needed some blood work.

On the sign-in sheet, one of the questions was if I fasted for the test. I lifted my eyes from the page and asked the two people behind the counter how many hours of no eating were considered fasting.

“8 hours. It’s on the sign in front of you,” one of them said.

“Oh. Sorry. Missed that,” a bit embarrassed. “Do people miss that often?”

“All day.”

I paused. “One of them might be taking your blood by needle, Sam. Do you really need to say this?” I thought. Easily improvable ... my kryptonite.

“If people keep asking the question, it’s not an effective sign.” Seriously Sam!

Then something magical happened...

One of them said with complete authenticity, “You know what? That’s true. We should fix it.”

I say magical because many times when I bump into these easily improvable things and share my thoughts, I get the feeling the person doesn’t want to hear it.

When that happens, it reminds me to stay open to feedback and remain coachable myself.

A 6-point check on your coachability.

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