communicating well

If you want to encourage someone to change their thinking or behavior, use sarcasm.
It works incredibly well.

Communicating well is one of the best everyday opportunities we have to be kind (Love Your People principle #2). It deserves our continual attention, practice, and perfection.

Done well, it can...

Include ... Connect.
  Done poorly, it can...

Exclude ... Disconnect.

It can save time and steal time ... initiate and strengthen relationships … weaken and end relationships.

And while communicating well is an opportunity to be kind for everyone, it’s vital to those who lead. Look back at that list of good and bad. Consider the results of communicating one way or the other. That’s culture, money, opportunity, solutions, and fun ... or not. (There's a line I'd love to quote here from the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross. Alec Baldwin's character shares it in his opening monologue ;-)

Communicating well is a behavior to model, a way to connect with people, and involve others (to Lead Simply). It’s a beautiful thing.

I don’t always get these things right myself but I give them consistent attention in an effort to continually improve (to be kind). I’ll call them cwik tips (communicating well is kind). I flip flop on my opinion about acronyms but that one is a little too cute not to try. Let me know what you think.

1st cwik tip: Don’t use sarcasm if you want to encourage someone to change their thinking or behavior. It’s ugly and can do a lot of damage.

  • Sarcasm: Marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt.
  • Contempt: The feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn.

Ironically, I believe that opening thought might be an effective use of irony that discourages the use of sarcasm.

I know. I’m dizzy too.

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