Those cracks struck me.

I was out in Salt Lake City … 212ing with a group of people kicking off their 2019.

Leaving my hotel for the event, I decided to take the back stairs down rather than the elevator ... 6 flights.

Every single step had a crack.

Likely a cosmetic problem rather than a structural problem (I hope), but I wondered if anyone told the people who did the original work. Not only to share their disappointment, but also to help those people figure out how to minimize the chance of it happening in future work.

My guess was no. I figured the flaw in the concrete fell in that zone where some people don’t think it’s worth the time to share their feedback (or maybe no one’s ever noticed). It’s just the back stairs. It’s just cosmetic. Sometimes, concrete cracks.

When I got home and started to write this, I decided to call the hotel manager to see if I was wrong. She told me she was unaware of the cracks and thanked me for letting them know.

For me … it was another reminder to seek and invite (real) feedback rather than wait and hope for it. When you don’t know about the cracks in your work, it can be a dangerous thing.

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