cross the line time

This is a Rise time* for sure.

If you'd like to lead a Cross The Line discussion with a group of people (perfect for remote working ... perfect for families with kids at home), we'd love to give you free online access to the video below

Just email me your first and last name ( and your organization's name and we'll send you a password and Leader's Guide to help you lead the discussion (normally $295). We're doing this manually so our response to you might take up to a couple hours inside east coast business hours.

I wrote the book to help people in a normal time. Given what we’re all facing now, some statements might seem a little light. The main premise and points still hold true, I think.

If you like the message, please take advantage of sharing and discussing it sooner rather than later. Some of the thoughts in the video combined with your group discussion might play an important part to helping all of us get to the better side of this ... faster.

Stay rising.

Click the button in the bottom, right corner to expand to full screen view (especially helpful if you're sharing your screen in an online meeting).

A Rise time? (addressed above) It's when things are difficult and we need to ask, "Now what?" It's the less enjoyable side of Rise & Reach.

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