Do As I Say

Do As I Say

Do as I say, not as I do.

Given that most of us can’t get it right all the time, it’s good advice.

  • If I remind you to be approachable to people because it invites opportunity (Smile & Move principle #3) but don't do it myself, is the practice something you should avoid?
  • If I blow things out of proportion occasionally but suggest you minimize the drama and let something go, is the advice wrong?
  • If I encourage you to give a little more effort and attention to something but you see me slacking somewhere, should you follow my lead?

It’s your life. You’re responsible for it regardless of what others do.

Don’t let someone’s bad example keep you from enjoying your pursuit of what you know is the better habit.

Go first … and stay with it.

Enjoy a little more on this idea.

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