drama to love

In a book.
On a stage or screen.

Everywhere else ... it’s friction. Drag. Inflammation. Muck. Expense.

Imagine your week with less drama and fewer excuses and complaints. Imagine the calm and productivity of that.

You can get closer to it by practicing self-awareness, minimizing it yourself, and then helping others do the same.

3 simple points to remember...

  • Embrace challenges (because excuses distract).
  • Choose truth (because drama drains).
  • Create solutions (because complaints bore).

Make it real by sharing the pocket cards with your team. 1 approach to discussing the No Drama idea.

Got kids or students...

Plant some seeds for the future with a No Drama discussion. They'll love you for it ... eventually. Just be sure to approach it by asking questions and listening rather than only telling.

And now, for a little DRAMA-COM fun from the stage...

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