enjoy humility

“If you have a humble eagerness to learn something from everybody, your learning opportunities will be unlimited.”

Clayton Christensen | 1952 – 2020
American academic & business consultant

Ego can get in the way of a lot of good. How much good? This much good.

Christensen's thought above was shared in an article that led to a book with the same title, How Will You Measure Your Life? 

It's a great growth read (15-minutes to read, recurring reflection forever). It's one of my regular rereads ... important things I reread once or twice a year to reinforce good things.

One not-to-miss reminder for leaders is the story he imagines about a person leaving for work on a high-note and then returning home 10 hours later; and the impact a manager can have on that person and their family.

“Management is the most noble of professions if it’s practiced well,” he concludes.

The thought I didn't catch until recently "Had I crossed the line that one time, I would have done it over and over in the years that followed."

In my book, that's a good thing ;-).

At the right time for you, enjoy Christensen's How Will You Measure Your Life?

It all starts with a choice. Get the Cross The Line book.

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