enjoy the weather

♫ Everybody's got the dues in life to pay... ♫

Steven Tyler | 1948 - | American music artist

When things get difficult, remember…

We earn more opportunities by taking on and overcoming more challenges.

Embrace your experience. Enjoy the weather.

No excuses. No Drama. No complaints.

weathered: (adjective) seasoned by exposure to the weather

seasoned: (adjective) made fit by experience


A couple weeks ago, we shared a thought from Donovan Frankenreiter (musician) about the importance of taking action. The following night, I had a chance to see him play. His opening act was Christina Holmes who gave us a good show and this great start-of-the-day affirmation (you can plug in any day in place of 'Today')...

One of the things I loved about the night was the encore after the main act. Donovan and his fellow musician (Matt Grundy) brought Christina back on to the stage, put her in the middle, and backed her up for a little #LoveYourPeople in action...

Aerosmith fans: if you've not heard it, don't miss this Boston Strong version of 'Dream On' ... the song that gave us today's quote.

It all starts with a choice. Get the Cross The Line book.

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