flipping it

flipping it

Why is it when we're the customer, we sometimes feel we have a pass on our responsibility to kindness & gratitude?

Here's an idea...

What if we flipped things and participated in reverse customer service? What if we, as customers, tried to be kinder (a little more often ... every day) to the people helping us with their work?

You might be thinking, "Why should I be the one to work to be kinder to that person at the checkout counter (or at that gate in the airport ... or wherever) when they always treat people the way they do week after week? After the day/ week/ month I've had? Why should I be the one who has to be nice when I'm the customer this time?"


This whole thing ... me working for you, you working for me ... isn't supposed to be a battle. It's supposed to be about helping each other enjoy more of our day. Much more aspirational than just helping each other get through the day, isn't it? Few of us want to live a life that's just about getting through it, right?

If more of us, more often, made a deliberate effort (every day) to be kinder to the people giving us their work (serving us), it'd be nothing but a good thing.

More enjoyable and inspiring for all of us.

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A few ideas for reverse customer service...

I remember the person giving me their work is just like me. Maybe they love their job. Maybe they don't. Maybe they're having a good day. Maybe they're not. Maybe their boss is good (Lead Simply good). Maybe they're not.

Doesn't matter. I do what I can to be a better part of their day.

Maybe I start my next exchange with someone with the smile I wish they'd have for me. Maybe I ask my questions or make my requests a bit more humbly rather than grumbly. (Something about the phonetics of 'umbly' that makes me want to go all Dr. Seuss on you.)

Maybe when someone starts an exchange with me with something less than I'd prefer, I give them the break I'd like to be given.

All of us are on both sides of the service experience every day (externally and internally).

Maybe if we're a little more considerate (kind, respectful, Loved Our People) ... if we looked inside ourselves to help improve the experience (rather than outside) ... maybe we'd more often find the experience we wish for.

You're at my service and I'm at yours.

I understand...

As I've shared with my message on how to lighten the load on the road, I'm in all of this with you. If I’m having a bad day and someone takes my time ... rudely, I can forget who I want to be pretty fast. That’s when I try to remind myself to ‘get back to the breath’.

It doesn't always work. But, it's definitely made me regret my actions a little less.

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