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"Shut up and work. It is a formula that has always worked very well for me."

Albert Adrià | 1969 - | Spanish chef

Harsh self-talk, for sure. But, I love the sentiment.  It's oddly a little Smovish to me.

Adrià shared it during a Chef's Table episode in Season 4, Episode 4 (Netflix). If you enjoy cooking/food/work documentaries and haven't seen it or any of the other episodes, there's so much good for you to explore.

Another thought he shared...

"I believe in the team. The team is what I protect ... not the individual."

A good reminder for leaders to consider limiting the energy given to saving a  d-grunt (a difficult person) and putting it toward the reinforcement of a wonderful team.

Particularly inspiring to me is the BBQ spin-off released a couple weeks ago. The opening episode tells the story of Tootsie Tomanetz. She's the 85-year-old pitmaster of Snow's BBQ in Texas. When I'm feeling down or lazy, it's people like her that remind me to 'shut up and work.'

Finish the day strong!

Smile & Move. Be happy. Do great work. Get the book.

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