getting to the truth

What do you think?

Well, if I think my thoughts might be uncomfortable to you, it depends on the strength of our relationship as to how I'll answer this question, doesn't it?

If our history tells me you'd really like to know the truth, then I'll give it to you. If it tells me that you might hold it against me or respond poorly, I might not give it to you. If we have no history, then it could go either way (assuming I'm fine with not being truthful or omitting the truth ... hopefully not the case).

So, some important questions...

  1. What are you doing (or not doing) to encourage truth from those you work with and those you care about?
  2. What are you doing to encourage true thinking so we can all move forward?
  3. Are you approachable to others (a Smovish principle)?
  4. Are your responses or reactions to others’ thoughts defensive (or offensive) ... making them less likely to give you their real thoughts?
  5. Do you ask the second and third questions that can open new veins of information and deepen everyone’s level of understanding (getting you to the real/complete truth)?

Anything less and everyone misses out.

A more enjoyable day ... for everyone. That's the goal.

When you have 13 minutes (for team development or on a well-earned break), enjoy one of my favorite talks on truth by Margaret Heffernan (author of Willful Blindness). It’s a wonderful reminder to seek the truth, Be No Ego, and Love Your People. A good one to watch with your team (and maybe your kids).

Smile & Move. Be happy. Do great work. Get the book.

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