good teeth

good teeth

I was flossing my teeth the other day and recalled what made it a permanent part of my mornings.

It was 5 years ago. I was on a flight out of Vancouver after 212ing a large group of people who sold dental implants. Karma put me next to a dentist who was on her way to a conference in Chicago to better her skills at putting in dental implants.

She had a practice with about 20 employees. We talked business, employee engagement, professional development, parenting, and dental hygiene.

A great discussion, but the gold I’ve shared most ... her analogy that turned me (a former once-a-week flosser at best) and many of the people I’ve shared it with into committed once-a-day flossers is this...

“Brushing your teeth but not flossing is like taking a shower and just washing the front of your belly and the small of your back. It doesn’t get the smelly bits.”

A half-century with a bad habit and she permanently changed me (so far) with two sentences. Less pain, less cost, and less time in the dentist's chair. Mmmmm.

Actions may speak louder than words most of the time, but words chosen and shared well can positively impact actions forever. That’s good teeth.

When you need some words that have been helpful to millions of people, we’re here for you.

To our customers who work in the dental world, I’m sorry. ;-)

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