“Baccalaureate … a ceremony we’ve been having since medieval times.”

I sat in the audience thinking, “How terrible.”

I have three kids, one sister, two nieces, and a nephew. There’s a lot of baccalaureate and graduation in that batch of people and I can’t remember enjoying any of it. I enjoy that batch of people and love(d) when they graduate(d), but the ceremonies have always been similar to what mine were over 30 years ago … old-school formal, uninteresting, and long. 

To not have evolved to something better in 30 years is sad but even sadder is to continue wasting our time with something few of us enjoy. And when I say enjoy, I don’t mean tolerate or settle with “Oh, it was nice.” I mean to take delight or pleasure in … in the same way you might a wonderful meal, movie, or good time spent with family and friends. 

My suggestion...

Give graduation to the graduating students.

Let them own it. Give them the chance to create something special … something they'll enjoy and something the audience might enjoy more. Let them work it from the ground up with no attachments to what’s been done before. Let them two-twelve it. They can survey their class for ideas. They can keep what they like and cut what they don’t. (I’d bet baccalaureate will go the way of medieval times.)

Make it an extra-curricular activity (think Yearbook) or a class … The G Team. Those involved will get production and project management experience while developing one of the most important life skills they’ll ever need … how to work with other people … the helpful and the difficult (the Smovers, the Gomos, and the D-grunts).

Depending on how they decide to do it, there'll be opportunities for creative people, production people, money people, artists, musicians, singers, and managers.

All of this will likely be challenging, but with guidance and patience in those first couple years of transition … from the dull & traditional to the creative & inspiring … I’d bet on a better time for everyone.

If you like the idea, please share it with someone you think might enjoy making it real. A little more, below.

Invest in yourself. Quick books and booklets (30 minutes or less to read) to help you make more good things happen. Shop books.

A little more...

I’ve been bitching about graduation and baccalaureate for years. If I were standing with my family and closest friends and you walked up and said the word graduation … they would fear for you and the time I would take from your life with the rant I'd lay at your feet.

So, I decided to stop complaining and put these ideas out into the world. My guess is the thoughts above are just the beginning to what people could/will do.

I don’t know if they’ll drive this home, but yesterday, my son and his girlfriend shared this picture with me…

They’ve just started their senior year of high school. In one of their classes they had to choose a problem and create a solution tree. They chose graduation as their problem.

You think I’m excited?

(Much of the above could be done at colleges too. Maybe some of it is being done, but I haven’t seen it yet.)

Any baccalaureates or graduations in your world? Complacency is a drag for everyone.

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