How To Be Judged

How To Be Judged

(verb: put into a restrictive category)

It's very real. Your results, your attitude, your effort, your curiosity, your interest (lack of indifference) ... all of it will put you in a category in the mind of your manager/ boss/ supervisor.

I assume most of us would rather not be pigeonholed in a bad place.

I once talked with the dean of a college about giving a copy of my books 212 the extra degree and Cross The Line as part of the welcoming package for their new students ... a spark of encouragement to set the tone. Almost immediately she saw it as a good idea ... “but only for the advanced or honors students.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Advanced students know they need to push things and know to look for and use advice.” I took that to mean she thought the others likely wouldn’t value the material ... not a good investment.

Occasionally, I hear similar things from management in different organizations. “We'll give a copy to the leadership team,” they tell me. “It'll be great!”

“Why not everyone?” I ask. “Why not get everyone Crossing The Line and being 212? Why not get everyone Smoving?”

“Our leaders will get into it. The others ... I'm not sure it's a good investment.”

My recommendation…

Don't allow yourself to be pigeonholed as “not worth the investment.”

Be sure you shine as someone interested in their work ... someone who's results-driven ... curious ... positive... solution-oriented ... and coachable (enjoy a 6-point check on your coachability).

Invest in yourself. Quick books and booklets (30 minutes or less to read) to help you make more good things happen. Shop books.

Remember ... it's your life. You're responsible for it ... regardless of circumstances.

Be worth the investment.

One more thought…

P.S. Know a high school or college student? Please share this thought with them at some point (or give them one of the collections as a gift ... even if they're not an honors student).

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