How to Lead Simply

How to Lead Simply

That's your framework for leadership – your simple, day-to-day, where-the-work-gets-done formula for creating that special team of people that cares to make things better ... continually... every day. It's how you Lead Simply.

Model the behavior you want to see.
Connect with the people you lead.
Involve them as much as possible.

That's it. Wonderfully simple.

It works on a personal level too. Can you imagine how much more enjoyable things would be if we all did what we want others to do? If we connected more with each other and were more inclusive (rather than exclusive)?

Lead Simply Book

Life is short. We're not here to fill or kill time.

We're here to make good things happen for other people. When we do that, we'll make good things happen for ourselves (and our people).

More about Lead Simply and 2 hard-hitting leadership questions for you are below. To get a sample of the book ( only 20 minutes to read) or watch the inspiring video (3 minutes), visit...

2 leadership questions...

I talk with a lot of leaders who tell me about their challenges at work. So many times it's about people.

I ask two questions...

  1. How many people on your team probably shouldn't be there? (hiring mistake to begin with, they've allowed their skills to degrade or not grow over time, the need for their role has changed, they've mentally quit, their attitude has soured, some combination of a few of these)
  2. What are you doing on a consistent basis to cultivate a better environment?

Both questions usually make people a little uncomfortable. Which is good, of course. Being uncomfortable leads to growth, right?

An important part of leading is creating and developing a special team of people who trust each other and are highly committed to the objectives of the team.

If you're a leader, you need to hold yourself accountable to that if you really want to solve your people challenges and make things more enjoyable for everyone. (You do, don't you?)

You need to be as committed and consistent in your leadership role as you ask your people to be in their roles and with the people they serve.

If you've got challenges with your team, let me encourage you to do the challenging work...

1st  If you've got people on your team who shouldn't be there and/ or are keeping others from doing great work, ask yourself why you're allowing that. Then stop allowing it.

2nd  Embrace your day-to-day opportunity to cultivate that special team of people and special environment you wish you had. Realize that it's in your hands and if you continue to do what you've done (or not done), it's really unreasonable to expect a positive change.

Lead Simply is the little book that can help you. Pick up a copy or several for your managers.

No parables. No corporate speak. No certifications needed.

Just real-world stuff to think about and do every single day ... for you, your managers, and your leaders-to-be. Read it in less than 20 minutes (less time than it takes to watch a rerun of The Office).

Join the thousands of leaders and organizations enjoying a better everything by Leading Simply.

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Model, Connect, Involve. Get the Lead Simply book.

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