human calming

"It’s wonderful, right? It’s what we all want. We want that time, that attention, that calm, soothing presence from somebody else."

Years ago, I drove into my neighborhood to a new street sign... 'Traffic Calming Study in Progress.’

I liked the phrase, looked into it, and learned that traffic calming is an effort using physical design and other methods to make things safer and more enjoyable for everyone around roads.

I always thought we should do more with that as people. Giving it direct attention daily. Reminding ourselves to help each other out more with a little culture calming … home calming … human calming.

calming: (v.) make (someone) tranquil and quiet; soothe

For me, not innately the calmest person in the world, I find the most helpful path to feeding the calm is to move a little slower from what someone else says (or does) … through what I think … to what I ultimately say (or do).

The thought that kicked off this post was something I said during our ad-libbed sessions years ago when we were shooting our Love Your People video. Give it a watch. Maybe it and the human calming idea will help you lighten the load on a few more situations in the coming weeks.

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