inspiring lives, essential lives

inspiring lives, essential lives

“No one's working today,” he said to me.

It was a Friday before a holiday that fell on a weekend.

“Some people are,” I answered.

“I mean a lot of the people I know aren't.”

I asked him where those people worked. He said it was at a local media company.

“How's the news being produced?” I asked.

“Well ... some people are working. I was really talking about the nonessentials.”

I hadn't heard that phrase in a while. I remember hearing it on big snow days in the Washington, D.C. area when I was growing up ... an area with a large number of government employees.

“You don't wish you were nonessential ... do you?” I asked.

essential (adjective): of the utmost importance
nonessential (adjective): not essential

I love reading the year-end lists of the people we lost … the notable people … the remarkable people. While sad at times, I also find them inspiring … a wonderful reminder to “live every second of every day to its maximum potential.”* Great reflection stuff.

My two favorite starting points this year are from The New York Times (good reading for this weekend ... links below).

The thing about these lists, is that in most cases, there were a number of people who helped make the people on the list … notable. No one does it on their own.

Big contribution to the world requires the help of others. And while those people behind the people may not have made the lists, you can bet there were several people who the notables knew to be remarkable.

So what I’m getting to is this (see below)…

Invest in yourself. Quick books and booklets (30 minutes or less to read) to help you make more good things happen. Shop books.

We all have a choice. We can be the notable leader or a remarkable supporter but we’re only nonessential if we forget to serve (or choose not to).

Everyone can be essential.

It’s a matter of becoming important to someone else (behind-the-scenes or out-in-front). And that happens by helping others (by Crossing the Line and Smiling & Moving).

More to enjoy…

The Lives They Lived 2018 : I love several of the pictures in this one. I like to think about what their life was like in those moments. The Madeleine Kamman and Margot Kidder pictures struck me.

Notable Deaths 2018 : This is a complete list of obituaries for the year. Inspiring and sometimes very sad. So many wonderful lives to read about. Stephen Hillenburg’s story was one that caught me this year (creator of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’). The paragraph describing his show amazed me…

“Bikini Bottom is the underwater home of the show’s title character, a good-natured yellow kitchen sponge, or sea creature, or both, who works as a fry cook, has a pet snail and lives in a pineapple.”

I never would have bet on that working. To me, it’s an inspiring story of how following one’s vision can sometimes bring a lot of joy to a lot of people.

The “live every second of every day” thought above is from Hilary Lister. She was an English quadriplegic sailor. Her complete thought (originally from a 2009 interview with The Telegraph)… “Live every second of every day to its maximum potential. Always look ahead, always assume you will live forever … and if you don't, you don't.” Her obit from the NY Times.

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