invite feedback

invite feedback

When I opened the bag, I was a little disappointed. I felt the sandwich and the side of quinoa were a little small given the price.

“No worries,” I thought. “Maybe the ingredients and taste will make up for it.”

No luck.

The scary thing for the restaurant ... I wasn't disappointed enough to put the time into sharing my thoughts with them. They were in that strange zone of mediocrity that doesn't really deserve more attention. And, given my past experiences sharing feedback (solicited and not), I just wasn't up for another eye roll or some defense (excuse) for subpar work.

So, I quietly never returned and I never encouraged others to go. (And I like recommending restaurants because it helps people and feeds my ego ... I know ... sad given my age). Eventually, the restaurant closed.

For me ... it's a reminder to seek and invite feedback rather than wait and hope for it.

And while the story is a lesson for sales organizations, it also applies to individuals. It's important to be approachable to others (Smile & Move principal #3) so they feel comfortable giving you feedback. And every once in a while, you can take the first step and ask a teammate or manager how you're doing and/or how you can improve (be no ego).

A few of my feedback request questions below...

For products: “How did the booksvideo / PowerPoint deck go over with your group? Did you have any ‘I wish they did blank’ or ‘I wish they had this or that’ thoughts?”

For speaking: When thanking people for having me in to talk with their teams, I add to the email “When convenient, if you have any thoughts on what worked and what might have made the session work better, I’d love to hear.”

And if you have thoughts you’d like to share (good or bad), please email me anytime at

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