Kicking Off the School Year

Kicking Off the School Year

Occasionally, I’m asked by school principals how I’d recommend using our material to kick off the school year.

I recommend the following as the ideal plan (not knowing your budget or details about the people on your team)…

  1. Give your leadership team copies of the Lead Simply book and ask them to read it within a few days. Then, use the book discussion guide that’s included to have a great meeting.
  2. When you buy the Lead Simply books, also buy the Cross The Line Faculty & Staff package and enough books to give everyone a copy (all leadership and faculty and staff). The Faculty & Staff package includes a video and PowerPoint® presentation to help you introduce and discuss the material.
  3. Show the Cross The Line video to your leadership team in the same meeting when you discuss Lead Simply. Share that it will be what you introduce to the entire team at the opening meeting. (“We’re going to Cross The Line and commit to making the 2017 - 18 school year the best ever. As a leadership team, we’ll do that by Modeling the behavior we want to see, Connecting with our faculty, staff, and students, and Involving everyone as much as possible in the effort!”)
  4. Next, meet with your entire team (leadership, faculty, and staff) to introduce the Cross The Line message with the PowerPoint material and have a discussion using the Leader’s Guide. Then, after any additional administrative things that need to be covered, close the meeting by showing the Cross The Line video.
  5. As a takeaway reminder, give everyone a copy of the Cross The Line book.

For your faculty and staff, 212 the extra degree, Smile & Move, or Love Your People are great alternative ideas to Cross The Line. Watch each of the videos to figure out which you feel will work best. For students, 212 is the simplest message to use on its own.

We’ve seen schools and school systems do all and some of the above. We’ve also had schools go even bigger by using some of the fun reinforcement items throughout the school year (mugs, water bottles, wristbands, mouse pads, etc.)

If you’d like personal help, please call me anytime in Richmond, VA at 804-762-4500 ext. 212. You can also email me at

Need a keynoter for your district, county, or association meeting? I’d love the opportunity. I’ve spoken with thousands of school leaders, faculty, and staff over the years (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Orange County Schools, Kentucky Association of School Administrators, Chesterfield County Schools, North Carolina Middle School Association, and several others).

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