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“I love getting up in the morning. I clap my hands and say, ‘This is gonna be a great day.’”

Dicky Fox (a fictional sports agent) shares that line in a favorite old movie of mine, Jerry Maguire (1996).

I love the sentiment but what’s next? What makes the day great?

It’s different for all of us but a big piece of it is having more choices. Or, put another way … more control, more autonomy, more freedom.

It's much more fun to have more choices on how we live (what we do for our work, where we live, what we eat, what we have) and how we enjoy our time (who we spend time with, where we vacation, what hobbies we take on).

And the path to that begins with work (contribution).

I’m lucky to love getting up in the morning too. But when I clap my hands, I’m thinking “Let’s get into it (the day) and make some choices.” I find it a helpful opening thought and hope you do too.

After that, it’s all about Crossing The Line and making good things happen for other people.

Enjoy a 4-minute distillation of what it means to Cross The Line.

Get your whole team Crossing The Line.

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