My Career Advice

Very few people work-life balance their way into something special.

Special happens with a little extra attention, effort, patience, and resilience. Special happens by giving ourselves to the work and the people around us.

You can love your family and friends and, at the same time, give a little more than you take (give > take).

In fact, the latter can help you with the former in so many ways.

I've lived almost 53 years, talked with thousands of people, and studied hundreds of success and failure stories.

My advice...

Be very comfortable with less balance at the appropriate times of your career and you’ll likely find yourself in a better spot when you need the balance to go the other way for you.

Appropriate times of your career? It's different for different people and different circumstances.

Try not to let the desire for an absolute get in the way of creating your something special. Make the choice to Cross The Line. It's a better bet.

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