No Interruptions

No Interruptions

“Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions.”

Proverbs 18:2

Have you ever considered how ridiculous it is to talk over someone?

Why do we let it happen? Maybe it's the simple excitement over the discussion topic, poor listening training, ego (Let me show you what I know instead of learning from what you know!), or just plain rudeness.

Do you do it?

Ever cut someone off mid-sentence with...

  • “I don't mean to interrupt but...”
  • “Sorry to interrupt...”
  • “Oh, hey, real quick...”
  • “Wait...”

Ever just skip the lead-in and finish someone's sentence with your own paragraph?

Here's one way to correct it...

Commit yourself to dropping a small gap of silence between what someone else says ... and your response ... just an extra beat or two. You'll be amazed at what else you learn and the better connections you make.

If/When you catch yourself forgetting not to interrupt, just stop and apologize. “I'm sorry, I cut you off. What were you saying?”

Like the idea? It's from my book, Lead Simply (20 minutes to read, applicable to an entire career).

More listening is a behavior to Model for other people, a way to Connect with them, and a way to Involve them.

Model. Connect. Involve. That's how you Lead Simply.

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