no ragrets

“I think I’ll look back in 10 years and say, 'You should have done more and better work. And, you should have enjoyed your life more.'”

Andrew McAfee | 1967 -
American research scientist

That was McAfee's response to the following question during a Sam Harris podcast...

"10 years from now, what do you think you’ll regret doing too much of or too little of at this point in your life?"

To which Harris responded...

"Put that in a pill and I will take it every day."

Roll around with that question for a few minutes/days/weeks. It might help you regret less and enjoy more yourself.

Get the Declaration of Contribution pocket cards to help everyone remember to give more and enjoy more. Share the thoughts with your team during a meeting (remote or in-person) and talk about what connects with everyone most.

Nothing formal. Nothing complex. Just a few minutes to renew enthusiasm.

You can always build off the message later using Smile & Move, 212, or Cross The Line).

The 'No Ragrets' subject line?

It's a reference to this scene I find hilarious from a mediocre movie years ago (because I'm the best judge of everything). If inappropriate references bother you, skip it.

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